Let's rewind to the beginning of Bitcoin.

A new chance to get into Bitcoin.

In 2011, there was a brief period when Bitcoin was valued at $1. This phase in Bitcoin's history is being mirrored on the Binance Smart Chain with Bitcoin Rewind.

BTCR follows a route influenced by Bitcoin's historical journey, powered by the innovative concept of staking for earning passive income.


Q3-Q4 2023

Phase 1: Presale, Launch and Staking

Initial presale phase, 3 million BTCR at a price of $1 as soft cap, with an additional 3.05 million BTCR available to mirror the 2011 market cap state of Bitcoin. After the presale is complete, BTCR staking contract will be deployed, that will lock all unsold tokens and the 14.95 million remaining BTCR. This will mirros the Bitcoin minable supply. Staking will be active and users ca stake their BTCR tokens and participate in the distribution of staking rewards.

Q1-Q4 2024

Phase 2: Presale and Token Distribution

Our 2024 focus will be strictly on expansion of the staking functionality, establishing strategic partnerships and expanding the utility of BTCR within decentralized applications.
Patnership with our first physical patner to adopt BTCR as one of their payment solution


Phase 3: Presale and Token Distribution

BitcoinRewind aims to achieve long-term sustainability and mass adoption as one of the main utility tokens by strong and established platforms and partners. Alignment with the Bitcoin release schedule, extending over the course of approximately 120 year. This gradual token release ensures a fair and measured distribution of rewards.

Staking BTCR


Staking With Dynamic Yield

After every BitcoinRewind block is confirmed, 50 BTCR tokens are released and shared among all the users in the staking pool. This happens in sync with the Bitcoin blockchain.

Once the presale completes, the remaining presale BTCR and the staking allocation of 14,950,000 BTCR will be distributed to the staking contract, that will assure rewards for users who join the staking pool.

The most BTCR tokens that will ever exist is 21,000,000 that is expected to reach over the course of 120 years.

The staking rewards for BTCR are managed through a smart contract that will adapt the rewards and APY (Annual Percentage Yield) for each wallet based on its existing share within the staking pool.


4 Year Halvings Like The Big Gun

Just like Bitcoin, BTCR operates on a plan to reduce the rewards it distributes in each block by half every four years. This process begins with 50 BTCR being given out every 10 minutes.

Here's the timeline of the halvings for BTCR:

- First BTCR Halving - In 2025, the rewards will drop to 25 BTCR per block.

- Second BTCR Halving - By 2029, the rewards will be further cut to 12.5 BTCR per block.

- Third BTCR Halving - In 2033, the rewards will be reduced again to 6.25 BTCR per block.

Halvings will continue every 4 years until the maximum supply of 21 million BTCR is reached around the year 2143. This ensures the long term sustainability of rewards for stakers in the BTCR network.

About Bitcoin Rewind ($BTCR)

Bitcoin Rewind is a community-driven cryptocurrency that aims to bring stability and sustainability to the crypto space through a deflationary supply model inspired by Bitcoin. BTCR operates on the same emission schedule and halving cycles as Bitcoin, but with some key differences that make it more accessible to mainstream adoption. Bitcoin Rewind is the environment friendly version of Bitcoin as it doesn't utilize the Proof of Work consensus but rather uses Proof of Stake. It resides on the Binance Smart Chain. A secure smart contract distributes BTCR tokens to the staking pool in line with the Bitcoin block schedule.

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"The love for Bitcoin is a testament to human curiosity and the desire to reshape the world. It's a digital saga where code meets currency, igniting flames of possibility in the hearts of those who dare to imagine a more inclusive and decentralized future."



Token Name: Bitcoin Rewind (BTCR)
Contract Address: 0x785DbFf3C6bf30B6020d72d3Bd90dC1a37bC18F1
Token Type: BEP-20 (Binance Smart Chain)
Total Supply: 21,000,000 BTCR
Ownership: Renounced
Circulating Supply: 6.05 million BTCR ( if presale sold out )
Presale: 3,000,000 soft cap and 6,050,000 BTCR hard cap
Presale Price: 1 BTCR = $1 USD
Time per Block (simulated) 10 minutes
Block Reward: 50 BTCR per block for the next 4 years
Reward Halvings: Every 4 years
Consensus: Proof of Stake (PoS)

Frequently Asked Questions

What is BitcoinRewind ($BTCR)?
BitcoinRewind is the new BEP-20 token that tracks the historical roadmap of Bitcoin while giving an upgraded version of the PoW consensus with PoS, therefore offering a stable staking mechanism that mimics the mining mechanism offerred by Bitcoin. BTCR is inspired by the early days of Bitcoin's $1 period from April 2011, accompanied by the circulating supply of 6.05 million BTCR and an exact approach of the roadmap till present.
What is the purpose of BTCR?
BitcoinRewind gives the chance that users in 2011 have taken and now have reaped the rewards given by Bitcoin. Therefore BTCR is the second chance for those who missed Bitcoin at $1 to buy the upgraded version at the lowest possible price and earn passive income and stake rather than mine with expensive hardware and high costs of energy consumption.
Why is there a presale for BTCR?
A presale for BTCR has been launched to give everyone to chance to buy BTCR at the same price of $1 before it lists. To keep in line with Bitcoin, a maximum of 6.05 million tokens will be in circulation.
Will it have other utilities besides staking?
BitcoinRewind already has plans in motion to partner with multiple platforms that will adopt BTCR as a payment solution for their platforms. Those will be made public in the future. Furthermore we plan to add more real world implementations of BTCR over time. Spoiler alert! We are trying to keep in track with the history of Bitcoin, sooo...
Will there be issues with providing liquidity if there is no BTCR specifically allocated for this?
Providing liquidity to the Pancakeswap pool is mitigated through a carefully calculated and tested solution of using the remaining hardcap if any remain and a portion of the staking allocation that will be bought back over the course of the first 4 years until the first halving occurs. Buyback will be split on a monthly basis until the initial used BTCR to add liquidity is reccuperated and added back into the staking contract in the case all presale allocation is sold out. In the case the presale hard cap is not reached, remaining tokens with additional BTCR if needed from the staking allocation will be added to the liquidity pool with the buyback mechanism in place. Our goal is to mirror the Bitcoin allocation and tokenomics without the need of users investing twice, once in the presale, then provide their own liquidity to the pool. This approach has the added benefit of reinforcing the value of BTCR over time.
Does staking offer the same results as mining on Bitcoin?
The short answer is YES! To get more in detail, BTCR offers the Proof of Stake consensus over Proof of Work offered by Bitcoin, but overall giving the same rewards per block, in our case simulated block, with the same halving mechanism and basically the same tokenomics overall without the hassle of expensive equipment to mine.
When will the last BTCR token be issued?
BitcoinRewind(BTCR) follows the same gradual release schedule as Bitcoin, with tokens being issued every 10 minutes. The staking contract for BTCR is designed to distribute token rewards to stakers in sync with Bitcoin's rate, ensuring that the final BTCR token will become available in about 120 years. Just like BTC, the overall supply of BTCR is set at 21 million tokens.
I have an issue or question. How can i contact support?
If you have issues or questions and would like to contact us, you can join our Telegram group or email us at hello@btcrewind.com and we will gladly assist you. Be aware that our team will never DM you first.